We are. And we’re inviting you to join us in letting City Council know what you think!

On Tuesday, March 2nd, Vaughan City Council’s Committee of the Whole will discuss the proposed development plans for 4 residential towers at 72 Steeles Ave. West and 7040 Yonge Street, ranging in height from 38 to 60 storeys, as part of the overall development proposals for the Yonge-Steeles community. These would replace the current Moore’s/ Montessori School building and the Galleria Supermarket.

The committee will also review concerns from the community regarding these plans.

This may be your only opportunity to have Council listen to your views, concerns, and suggestions for improvement, and it is critical that you let City Council know – in writing - how you feel about these proposals.

Written comments must be received at clerks@vaughan.ca by Monday, March 1 at noon to let Council know your opinion, and to make it into the official record.

Please address your email to City Clerk Todd Coles (clerks@vaughan.ca) and cc Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua (maurizio.bevilacqua@vaughan.ca) and Ward 5 Councillor Alan Shefman (alan.shefman@vaughan.ca). Please BCC springfarmra@gmail.com so we can keep a record of your concerns.

You can also address Council through an electronic deputation (5 minutes max) by filling out a deputation form and sending it to the Clerk by March 1 at noon. You can find the deputation form and instructions here.

If you don't speak up now, City Council may assume there are no objections and give these plans a green light.

These are the issues the SFRA has identified with the proposed development. Please feel free to include any or all of these bullet points in your letter to the City Clerk:

  • Two of the four towers (38 and 44 storeys high) take up 3/4 of the central green space designated as a public park in the Yonge-Steeles Corridor Secondary Plan, to be used instead as a privately-owned publicly accessible space. No buildings should be built on that designated park space. Humbold has essentially appropriated public park space for its private use.

  • Due to the excessive height and number of buildings, in addition to the 3 adjacent Gupta buildings to the south (from 50 to 65 storeys), the remaining one-quarter internal green space will be shadowed for most of the day, throughout the year, as well as the surrounding residential neighbourhoods to the north and east.

  • The developer only proposes to build interim private roads that are half of the required right of way for the extensions of Powell Road to the north and Royal Palm Drive to the west. Since the 7080 Yonge proposal would build the full 23m width Royal Palm from Yonge Street along the northern edge of Humbold's property, Humbold must pay for its share of the Royal Palm extension to the western end of its property, at the full width, not a private interim road.

  • The proposed population density for the four buildings would result in this development, at 1,995 persons per hectare, being the new, third densest population per hectare anywhere in the GTA. Council's approval should only be given along with Local Planning Appeal Tribunal resolution of the Secondary Plan and the recommendations of the Vaughan-Yonge Centre Working Group to create an integrated neighbourhood in this area.

  • There is no provision for office space in any of the towers facing Yonge Street or Steeles Avenue to justify the density allowed beyond 4.5 Floor Space Index in the Secondary Plan. This only perpetuates Vaughan as a "bedroom community", without adding any economic value or employment opportunities for its residents.

  • There is very little integration or connection with adjacent proposals (2 Steeles/7028 Yonge and 7040 Yonge). This proposal must be considered together with the other area proposals to take into account the combined impact on population, traffic, community and social services and facilities, and other factors. As the Secondary Plan for the area, which Council approved in 2010, is currently under appeal with the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT), this proposal (and all others in the area) must not be approved until the Secondary Plan appeal is resolved.

  • Regardless of the number and heights of the buildings, they should not be constructed until after the Yonge Steeles Subway station.

  • Feel free to include any other concerns you may have in your email.

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