We are. And we’re inviting you to join us in letting City Council know what you think!

On Tuesday, January 19 Vaughan City Council’s Committee of the Whole will discuss the proposed development plans for a 20-storey and 40-storey residential tower at 7080 Yonge Street, as part of the overall development proposals for the Yonge-Steeles community. The committee will also review concerns from the community regarding these plans.

This may be your only opportunity to have Council listen to your views, concerns, and suggestions for improvement, and it is critical that you let City Council know – in writing - how you feel about these proposals.

Written comments must be received at clerks@vaughan.ca by this coming Monday, January 18 at noon to let Council know your opinion, and to make it into the official record.

Please address your email to City Clerk Todd Coles (clerks@vaughan.ca) and cc Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua (maurizio.bevilacqua@vaughan.ca) and Ward 5 Councillor Alan Shefman (alan.shefman@vaughan.ca). Please BCC springfarmra@gmail.com so we can keep a record of your concerns.

You can also address Council through an electronic deputation (5 minutes max) by filling out a deputation form and sending it to the Clerk by January 18 at noon. You can find the deputation form and instructions here.

If you don't speak up now, City Council may assume there are no objections and give these plans a green light.

These are the issues the SFRA has identified with the proposed development. Please feel free to include any or all of these bullet points in your letter to the City Clerk:

  • Council's approval should only be given along with Local Planning Appeal Tribunal resolution of the Secondary Plan and the recommendations of the Vaughan-Yonge Centre Working Group to create an integrated neighbourhood in this area

  • Regardless of the number and heights of the buildings, they should not be constructed until after the Yonge Steeles Subway station.

  • The proposed population density for the two buildings would result in this development being the second densest population per hectare anywhere in the GTA.

  • No subway transit ridership analysis is provided to validate the assumptions made about transit, car, and bike usage, and there is a worrying lack of the lack of any analysis of current or future loads and capacity on all transit modes, particularly existing bus routes.

  • No prior assurances have been provided regarding the safety of building high rises next to an existing gas station

  • There will be an increase to car dealership loading traffic through inner streets due to elimination of the Acura overflow parking lot

  • Only one 18-storey building fits within the 45-degree angular plane from the western property line

  • There is no transition between a 20-storey tower and the existing neighbourhood to the immediate west, eliminating privacy for the existing homes

  • Long shadows will be cast on the neighbourhood streets east side of Yonge Street

  • There is insufficient (3%) non-residential (office or retail) use to justify the request for stratified parking (under the public road).

  • There is no provision for public parkland or other public amenities on site or adjacent; in fact, the site it encroaches the green space linear park designated in the Yonge-Steeles Corridor Secondary Plan

  • There is no integration with adjacent properties or co-ordination with other developers for the extension of Royal Palm from Hilda to Yonge prior to construction

Feel free to include any other concerns you may have in your email. You can watch the live broadcast of the meeting here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SFRA President Jordan Max at springfarmra@gmail.com.

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