SFRA President’s Yonge-Steeles Wrap Up - Week of November 30th- December 4th

Bulletin #1 – December 4, 2020

What an unprecedented week of news for the Yonge-Steeles area this was!

On Monday, we received word that the long-awaited Vaughan-Yonge Centre Working Group, working with the developers, politicians, residents, and planners, would start early in January. Our reps met on Tuesday evening to plan strategy and research.

On Tuesday, we received news that Humbold Properties (Moore’s/Montessori and Galleria buildings) has filed its application for redevelopment with the City for 72 Steeles Ave West and 7040 Yonge Street). Consistent with its public Open House meeting back in October, it includes 4 residential towers: 38, 44, 56, and 60 storeys, with a small central park area, in the shadow of the Gupta proposed buildings next door. We are expecting a City Council Committee of the Whole public meeting for deputations early in 2021, perhaps combined with the one for Chestnut Hill’s 7080 Yonge Street project (on the parking lot north of the Acura car dealership on Yonge) (2 residential towers, one 20 and the other 40 storeys) that was submitted late in November. Our Crestwood Committee is digging into the submitted technical reports and studies to start preparing for the public hearings. So much for a winter break!

Also on Tuesday, we received an unexpected invitation to attend a Stakeholders meeting for the first phase of the Yonge-Steeles Corridor Urban Design and Streetscapes Study, for this Thursday morning. The study will develop design guidelines for this area, by addressing ground-level relationships between the streets and buildings, public spaces and amenities. At that session, along with landowners and developers’ representatives, we gave input on designs for issues such as sidewalks, public spaces, roads, landscaping, lighting and signage, building setbacks, bike paths, and green space (parks) for the Yonge, Steeles, Royal Palm extension, and internal streets. Our input was well received, and we await the next stages. It also helped us to identify our asks for the integration needed in the Working Group.

And to cap it off, later that evening, we were briefed by David Marcucci, of the City’ Planning Department on why, what and how recent provincial legislation changes will impact local planning. This session was arranged by our Ward 5 Councillor, Alan Shefman (shout out to Alan). We learned a lot in a short time period.

This coming Monday, December 7th, there is an initial meeting of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) on the Gupta appeal on his proposal, since Council did not approve his Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments within 120 days. This appeal is on top of the pre-existing, multi-party appeal of the Yonge-Steeles Corridor Secondary Plan, of which Gupta is one of 12 appellants. SFRA will be observing this session. It is open to the public, starting at 10am.

The link to the videoconference is Access Code 844-728-613. For those who want to participate by phone (audio only): 1-647-497-9373 or toll free 1-888-299 1889. The access code for that is also 844-728-613. Please note that you are only observing and will not be able to speak. Only registered parties can do that.

Our board and Crestwood Committee is fully engaged on these issues on your behalf. I hope to be able to keep you up to date when there is news. TGIF!

Jordan Max


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