Response to False Information

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

Earlier this week the SpringFarm Ratepayers Association learned a bizarre flyer targeting both the SFRA and Ward 5 Councillor Alan Shefman with a series of false, libelous and unproven allegations was distributed to residents of the Crestwood and Pinewood community. Unsurprisingly, this malicious leaflet was unsigned. While we don’t know the motivation or purpose behind the outrageous actions of this hidden individual or group, we felt compelled to counter these accusations with the truth.

Below is the response the SFRA posted on the Next Door website. We are emailing it to you in case you received the rant-filled leaflet and want to know the facts about our all-volunteer organization.

Please contact the SFRA at if you have any questions and want truthful answers. We encourage you to forward this information to your relatives, neighbours and friends who live in the Crestwood and Pinewood area so they are aware of the situation, and understand that someone (or some group) is spreading lies with patently ill intent.

Pam, Jordan, Esther, Shira, Enzo

The SFRA Executive Committee


The Springfarm Ratepayers Association (SFRA) is a volunteer organization run by local residents. There is an executive committee that is elected at our annual general meeting. The SFRA's mission statement and policies are public information and are available on our website at: The SFRA also regularly posts activities and pertinent information on facebook - go to facebook/springfarmratepayersassociation.

All SFRA members are volunteers – they receive no compensation for their work to help make our community better. Their only reward is knowledge of a job well done and the satisfaction of a favourable outcome.

Many SFRA members have sacrificed time with their families and given up other pursuits in order to work on community issues. They do not deserve to be treated so shamefully by anonymous trolls.

The SFRA is completely transparent. It is true that development companies advertise in the SFRA newsletter. All businesses in our catchment area may advertise and our advertisers cover all newsletter costs. Development companies are businesses like any other business in our community and to bar them from advertising would be a form of discrimination. The SFRA does not discriminate.

The fact that development companies advertise in the newsletters has never influenced or stopped the SFRA from challenging or opposing their development plans.

The SFRA successfully fought against a 22 storey high rise in the Sobeys Plaza at Clark and Hilda and has mounted a campaign AGAINST proposals in the Yonge Steeles area. Before the SFRA does anything, we survey the residents in the affected area to make sure we hear them and are representing their views and concerns.

Our recent survey regarding the Yonge Steeles area showed significant opposition to the proposed development plans. We launched a letter writing campaign to the City with more than 250 emails from residents opposing the proposals. On July 13, SFRA’s Yonge Steeles Committee members made 7 deputations to Council stating the reasons for opposition to the proposals. The letter writing campaign and the Council presentations led to the formation of a working group by Councillor Shefman that will bring the community, developers, City staff and others together to try to build a cohesive community at Yonge and Steeles. The SFRA is also involved in the TRCA’s Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program for Thornhill and in stormwater issues and the Gallanough Park renewal. For more information on all SFRA activities, join us on Facebook. We welcome you and encourage you to become involved.

Where was the person making these accusations while the SFRA was mounting a campaign against the development proposals? Why is he or she trying to divide our community?

False allegations (and downright lies) have been made against the SFRA, challenging the integrity of the association and its members, by a person too afraid to identify him or herself. Instead of lurking in the shadows, we dare you to come forward with proof to the contrary.

It is a travesty that the goal of this anonymous purveyor of lies is to divide the community and cause dissension, not bring it together. Again, we challenge you to reveal who you truly are, to bring proof of your allegations and not hide in a dark corner.

In the meanwhile, let's ignore this nonsense and work together to make our community better.

The SFRA Executive Members

Pam Jordan, Esther, Shira, Enzo

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