Gallanough Potential Flooding

Hello Neighbours,

This notice is to make you aware that the City of Vaughan has been surveying the Gallanough Park (Springfield Way and Spring Gate Blvd.) with the intent of reducing the risk of potential flooding. For those of you who remember back a few years, the City was at that time planning to dig out the park and make it a large storm water reservoir. Residents met with city officials and it was decided that a full study of the problem had to carried out to ensure that this was the best possible solution.

After several years, the city has decided to look at this issue again. Last Wednesday (May 13th) several residents and SpringFarm Ratepayers Association (SFRA)) members met with the Project Manager (Frank Facchini) of the current study. We learned that the City is looking at different options to reduce the risk of flooding. Frank informed us that SFRA and residents will be kept informed of information and plans as they becomes available. Furthermore, residents will have input into the plans as they progress; a community meeting was promised.

We were told that the city is looking at expanding the input water pipe under Arnold Ave. to take in more water during heavy rainfalls. We also discussed that the ditches north of Spring Gate Blvd. on streets including Arnold Ave. and Thornridge Dr. are full of garbage and silt and are currently not in good condition for water to flow properly. Furthermore, street drains get blocked up with garbage and leaves during heavy rainfalls, blocking the drainage of water, and consequently resulting in the flooding of streets. Frank mentioned that this is a City Operations issue that needs to be addressed.

Gallanough Park is a much loved and used park in our neighbourhood, with sledding opportunities in the winter, a playground for children, and a walking path, green space, and gazebo for all to use. Let's make sure that our park maintains its recreational purpose, as well as ensuring that any plans for modification are evidence based and will reduce flood risk in our community.

We will provide updates through our newsletter, Facebook, and other community channels.

Feel free to contact us with your feedback,

Thank you,

Gallanough Park Committee


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