Yonge & Clark, Bathurst & Clark Road Signage Changes

York Region is adding new features to an intersection in your community to make travel safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

The intersection of Yonge Street and Clarke Avenue in the City of Markham and the City of Vaughan, is being updated to include:

  • (The SFRA has noted that similar new signage/rules have been implemented at Bathurst and Clark - no right turns on red, only left turns on signal)

  • No right turn on the red signal for eastbound and westbound traffic

  • Protected left turns for eastbound traffic

  • New signs to inform drivers that turning traffic must yield to pedestrians and cyclist

  • Pedestrians get a head start when crossing on the north and south side

These features are proven to reduce collisions and are part of ongoing efforts to enhance safety for all travellers on the Regional road network.

Motorists, please be aware of these operational changes at the intersection and watch for pedestrians and cyclists.

For further information visit york.ca/trafficsafety or contact City of Vaughan at transportationservices@york.ca, 1-877-464-9675 ext. 75000

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