Short-Term Rental Regulations

The City of Vaughan has introduced Short-Term Rental Regulations as of January 2020

While people have always rented their homes, the rise of Short-Term Rental (STR) platforms globally has made renting homes more prevalent. The City has implemented regulations for those who would like to advertise or operate STRs. The aim of regulations is to ensure the health and safety of Vaughan residents, while fostering economic sustainability across our City.

What will be required for those who would like to operate Short-Term Rentals Owners?

It will require those would like to rent their homes:

  • to only be able to rent their principal residence, as well as subject to other restrictions depending on the type of dwelling;

  • to be licensed, either by the homeowners or only with the homeowner’s consent;

  • to undergo screening and/or reviews, such as a criminal background check, as well as staff screening by Bylaw and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services, Vaughan Fire and Rescue Services, Building Standards and other departments or agencies where appropriate, such as York Regional Police; and

  • to provide a 24-hour contact if their home is rented, which staff will contact in case of an issue.

The City can also decline an STR application (or revoke an STR licence), such as if there are concerns with respect to health and safety, community impact, or other other concerns.

What will be the penalties for those violate Short-Term Rental Regulation regulations?

By creating regulations for Short-Term Rentals, this makes everyone involved known to staff, accountable to rules, and subject to penalties if they violate regulations, varying from $1000 to $100,000 or more depending on the community impact. For more information, please visit

For future enquiries, please contact our Client Services team via or (905) 832-2281

The email address will close shortly. Beginning immediately, please contact the Client Services team or (905) 832-2281.

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City of Vaughan l By-law & Compliance, Licensing & Permit Services

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