Yonge Subway Extension and Traffic Congestion Relief

By: Fred Winegust

Extending the Yonge Subway from Finch to Richmond Hill will reduce rush hour congestion on North-South roads in our SFRA area, such as Bathurst, Hilda/Atkinson and Yonge Street. Currently, cars going to/from the Finch Subway Station parking lot and kiss & ride cause road congestion. Both the City of Vaughan and York Region have asked Metrolinx to ensure that the Yonge Subway Extension is operational by 2031.

The pre-requisite environmental assessment and addendum is complete. Work, which generates 15% - 30% level engineering documentation, is funded and in execution. The documents and deliverables of this engineering phase are targeted for December 2019.

The SFRA has recently joined the South Central York Region – Congestion Relief Committee (SCYR-CRC). The SCYR-CRC efforts are focused to ensure Federal, Provincial and Regional (Toronto and York Region) levels of government commit to the funding needed for construction of the Yonge Subway Extension, by the time the engineering phase is completed. This would allow construction bids to be issued starting in January 2020.

​​The results of the SCYR-CRC survey (please take the survey!) on the Yonge Subway Extension will be part of a public town hall in May 2018.

Currently, public transit users pay $3.63 to reach Steeles and another $3.00 when transferring to the Line 1 – Yonge/University/Spadina subway or a TTC Bus.

The removal of the 2-Fare Wall for 2 months in 2012 showed a 60% increase in transit use, for bus routes traveling through the SFRA neighborhood to Finch Terminal. Increased transit use reduces the number of cars on the road. This 2-Fare Wall issue needs to be addressed now, well in advance of the projected 2031 opening of the Yonge Subway Extension.

The April 2018 SCYR-CRC survey on the 2-Fare Wall, will provide guidance on how SFRA members, and others in York Region want to see this issue resolved. This will also inform questioning of political parties and their candidates in the expected June 2018 Provincial Election.

Please contact the SFRA If you would like to be part of our efforts on Traffic Congestion.


Yonge Subway Extension Survey

2-Fare Wall Survey

Environmental Assessment

EA Addendum

Documents & Deliverables


Yonge Street Subway Extension Update May 29, 2018

The South Central York Region - Congestion Relief Committee (SCYR-CRC) is continuing its efforts to ensure that the Yonge Subway Extension and the lowering of the 2 Fare Wall become reality. The committee has listened to comments from the more than 2,000 surveys participants and is currently working to help find solutions both long and short term. Short term goals include:

  • Secure funding for the Yonge Subway Extension

  • Lobby for the TTC/YRT to honour each other's 2 hour transfer for bus-to-bus transfers

  • Ensure the 2 Fare Wall is lowered in a fair way

The SFRA supports the work of the SCYR-CRC and has members on the committee.

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