Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct will apply and be adhered to by all members of the SpringFarm Ratepayers Association with respect to one another, invited guests, community neighbors and members of our elected City Council and City employees.

The Objectives are:
1. To promote responsible citizenship by encouraging civil participation in community life
2. To maintain an environment where conflict and difference can be addressed in a manner characterized by respect and civility


Therefore we:

  • Will treat everyone with respect and dignity

  • Will listen attentively to what others have to say when they speak

  • Will respect others points of view regardless if we agree or not

  • Will wait our turn to speak and not interrupt others

  • Will treat each other with politeness

Tolerance Resolution

Be it resolved that the SpringFarm Ratepayers Association (SFRA) celebrates diversity both in our community and throughout the world. Therefore, let it be known that any form of discrimination, for whatever reason, will not be tolerated. The SFRA is a democratic, inclusive organization that welcomes everyone in the Spring Farm community.


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